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A bit of history for DOC files

Surprisingly not many people know about Doc format, where it came from and what it was used for. Today word DOC appeared as abbreviation of Document, a filename extension for word processing documents. You are not from this planet if you didn’t see the DOC as Microsoft Word Binary File Format. But in the past it was different, they used it for a simple plain text, not like today’s beautiful Microsoft Word documents. In 1980s the DOC format was used as a proprietary format for Corel’s Word Perfect program, but later, in 1990s it became very popular because Microsoft decided to use the DOC format as a proprietary format for Microsoft Word. Since then any PC user knows this extension very well. To be honest, I’m typing this text right now in Microsoft Word and going to save it as a DOC file!

Modern DOC files

Like I mentioned above, after Microsoft came to a stage the Microsoft Word Binary File Format became very popular. The difference of DOC file and usual TXT file is in having of much more information about text formatting (and of course undo and scripts information). DOC files are not so compatible as RTF or skype:ivan.usatchev HTML but they are really good if you work with Microsoft Word environment. In 2006 Microsoft has released Microsoft Word 2007skype:ivan.usatchev and the binary file format has been replaced with Open Office XML format but the DOC format is still produced by Microsoft Word.

Using of DOC files

Since the DOC format is so popular many other word processors decided to support the format as well. You probably know about Google Docs , Open Office, IBM Lotus Symphony, AbiWord and Apple Pages. They all read DOC files but cannot use the whole potential of DOC files.

Conversion of DOC files to PDF

Today it became popular to convert DOC files to PDF files because many people want to protect their DOC files. The best way to do it is to convert them to PDF file format. Usually, you can convert DOC to PDF using online free services like this website or you can use some application that will convert the files faster and it is not necessary to be online to convert DOC to PDF. We will release that kind of application soon and you will be able to convert your DOC files to PDF files for free without visiting any website.

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