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About DOC

Portable Document Format (PDF) as an open standard for document exchange.

As you may know, PDF files were initially released in 1993 and since then they are considered as most trusted document format for exchanging in Internet or any electronic device. PDF documents can be considered as a protected .doc files because only creator of PDF file can make changes in it. Once you send it to some person you can make sure that he will operate with a document that he cannot change. Till July 1st 2008 the PDF format was just a propriety format under Adobe's jurisdiction. But at July 1st 2008 the Portable Document Format was approved by the International Organization for Standardization as an open standard worldwide.

Since 1993 Adobe has published ten specifications. Here are those specifications:

Adobe announced that they won't be releasing 1.8, that work will be done by ISO technical committees from now.

As you can see Adobe greatly improved functionality of PDF 1.7 (2006–2009). It got many HTML features and may be considered as so-called dynamic protected document format. It has an official name and known as Full function PDF.

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